news July 11, 2019

SCHAEFFLER Service “Road Show” 2019

Great success of the SCHAEFFLER Service "Road Show", hosted by E.B.I. Group at its headquarters in Sommacampagna last July 5th. The Seminar, given by specialized SCHAEFFLER personnel and EBI technicians, dealt with Industry 4.0, Condition Monitoring and Components for assembly / disassembly. The classroom session was completed by the one in the demo van SCHAEFFLER, with a display of dedicated products (Service, Rotative and Linear). A heartfelt thanks to the SCHAEFFLER specialists and EBI employees who organized the event. Special thanks to our customers who, for a day, left their jobs to devote themselves to this in-depth training.
news April 18, 2018

E.B.I. Group S.p.A. is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

After the positive outcome of the Audit conducted in March, E.B.I. Group is now officially certified ISO 9001: 2015. We are glad that our effective application of the Quality Management System has been recognized: a further guarantee for customers of the Company's commitment to providing a precise, timely and constant service.
news January 02, 2018


For E.B.I. Group S.p.A. 2017 ended with a merging with DESCOURS & CABAUD. The French multinational, founded in 1782, is now present in 11 European countries, has more than 13,000 employees, its 2017 turnover is over 3 billion euro and pursues the goal of building a European leadership in the sectors of industrial supplies and personal protection equipment. Alessandro Concato, E.B.I. Group’s Managing Director, points out that, together with partners Federico Concato and Ettore Cordioli, "we decided to merge with Descours & Cabaud because we thought it was the closest company to us for strategy and products, and could help us in our development project to become, within ten years, the most important company in Italy in our sector. New competitive scenarios are opening up in the European market and we want to be ready to successfully face the change that awaits us". The corporate culture of E.B.I. Group and Descours & Cabaud is founded on solid pillars: initiative; attention to collaborators; relationship with suppliers, with which long-term quality partnerships are developed; commitment to the customer satisfaction. Alessandro Concato confirms that "to go far we must look at what happens outside our borders. Having identified a solid interlocutor with whom to collaborate will make us more competitive and ready to face the entry in Italy of new and increasingly structured international competitors. With this operation E.B.I. Group continues to be a major player in an increasingly challenging market".
events June 15, 2017

EBI EXPO: open doors for 3 days

On 8, 9 and 10 June 2017 EBI Group S.p.A. organized an event, "EBI EXPO - All in One", in collaboration with leading partners and product specialists, to present not only the wide range of products marketed, but also the professional consultancy and services offered to customers. In a single context, and for 3 days, the major suppliers of power transmission, pneumatic automation, multitasking machine tools, tools, fasteners and safety joined the sales force of EBI Group to showcase the latest news and applications, along with the most successful and most innovative products. Clients responded enthusiastically to the invitation and EBI Group was pleased to welcome the large number of visitors in Sommacampagna headquarters. We take this opportunity to thank all customers, suppliers and collaborators who - with their active presence - contributed to the success of the event.
news September 26, 2016

E.B.I. Group receives EPTDA Best Promoter award

During EPTDA Annual Convention, which took place in Berlin in September 2016, E.B.I. Group was awarded EPTDA Best Promoter for the second consecutive year. E.B.I. Group is proud of this award: the Company identifies with the values of this prestigious international association, which asks its members to comply with the highest commercial, environmental, social and ethical standards. E.B.I. Group makes a practice of the EPTDA values by offering its customers a careful and timely service, and is pleased that its commitment has been recognized and rewarded.
events June 13, 2016

E.B.I. Group S.p.A. started the ISO 9001:2015 certification process

Since its foundation, customer satisfaction has been the main aim of E.B.I. Group S.p.A. Today, taking this action, the Company intends to certify its implementation through the effective application of the Quality Management System. A further guarantee for customers of the commitment devoted by the Company in providing accurate, timely and consistent service. To customers who request it, the Company will provide the statement about the certification process.
events December 13, 2014

EBI Group General Meeting - Christmas 2014

This year as well, on December 13, EBI Group has met all its staff at Sommacampagna headquarters to sketch an overview of the situation, explain plans and strategies for the future and exchange Christmas greetings. After a general overview of the last three years, the General Manager Alessandro Concato has focused the attention on the achievement of the goals set in 2013. Figures have shown that, through careful planning and active cooperation of all departments, and despite the persisting crisis, the 2013 forecasts for 2014 have been complied with and there are all the conditions so that, in the coming years, the company can continue to grow and, simultaneously, to consolidate its presence in the area. The company will continue to use - and implement - the same tools that, until now, have proved suitable for this purpose: the continuous professional training, the update and the timely exchange of information between departments. Customer care and satisfaction of customer needs remain paramount among EBI Group’s targets: that’s why the company is more than ever committed to providing customers with excellent products and timely and accurate services.
news March 01, 2014

March 2014 - Branch Opening in Thiene (VI)

Aiming to be closer to its customers in Vicenza area, in March 2014 EBI Group S.p.A. opened a branch in Thiene, equipped with its own stock of products and an automatic vertical storage system. Thanks to the software integrated with the business information system, it helps saving time in picking and retrieving operations, ensuring greater accuracy, facilitating the activities of the logistic department and increasing the speed of customer service.
news January 01, 2014

EBI Group is an EPTDA Member since 2014

EPTDA (EMEA Power Transmission Distributors Association) is the leading association for the industrial distribution channel in Europe, which sets the highest commercial, environmental, social and ethical standards. Currently, EPTDA associates nearly 250 leading companies, based in 30 countries around the world, representing more than 26 billion euro in terms of annual sales volumes and 250,000 employees. The association's mission is to strengthen the role of its members within the industrial distribution channel, allowing them to be competitive and achieve success and profits, while offering their customers a service to the highest standards. EPTDA is proud of its values: being a prominent community for qualified members through open dialogue and mutual respect, an approach characterized by integrity, honesty and fairness and the guarantee of a continuous path of growth and training.
events December 21, 2013

General Meeting EBI Group - Christmas 2013

On December 21st 2013, was held the third annual general meeting of EBI Group, which was attended by all 70 employees of the company . The reality of each branch (Trento , Pordenone, Minerbe ) met in Sommacampagna headquarter, for a fruitful and engaging morning in which segment managers (Director General, Administrative and Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager and Logistics Manager) have deepened who is EBI , where it arrived in recent years , and especially where it's going in the near future . The idea of "corporate culture " has been and will be an important focus for EBI Group, pointing to a professional, work environment and geographical development, and especially to the growth of all the people who work and structure EBI Group. The anticipation and confirmation of the opening of the new branch of Thiene (Vicenza ) and the opening of the new business division, Fasteners, enabled to conclude 2013 with the prospect of a future in continuous expansion.
news May 15, 2013

Processing into a joint-stock company S.p.A.

We are pleased to announce that on May 15th 2013, by an act of the notary Melchiorre Saraceno in Verona, the shareholders' meeting approved the transformation of the company from Srl in S.p.A.. The transformation of EBI Group into a Joint-Stock Company is the natural evolution given by the important results achieved by the company, particularly in the last years of his activity and is an important step in its development plan for the next five years. EBI Group S.p.A. intends to continue to grow with additional strength and organizational skills, with the aim of becoming a reference point in the market of industrial supplies. All the team managers and other management reaffirm, at this important moment for the company, their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to the project EBI Group S.p.A..
news January 12, 2013

EBI Group is a FIS centre

EBI Group is a FIS center, so in addition to being an authorized distributor of selling FAG-INA products, EBI Group offers to its clients a comprehensive range of after-sales service "Schaeffler Certificate" for advice, diagnosis, maintenance, assembly and disassembly of rolling bearings. Under the program FIS (FAG Industrial Service), so, you could find each type of instrument needed for business side to bearings applications: extractors, heaters, aligners, laser, temperature detectors, monitoring tools, greases, lubricants and many other products for a correct use of rolling bearings.
news December 27, 2012

EBI Group and Teknobolt

December 2012

EBI Group and Teknobolt of Minerbe (VR), have merged with act of notary Melchiorre Saraceno on 27 December 2012. Teknobolt is an important company that operates in Verona's south, Rovigo, Vicenza's and Padova's south areas and is specialized in the sale of screws and bolts, motion's transmission and chip removal. For EBI Group is a further step towards the total coverage of triveneto, Teknobolt becomes branch Ebi Group of Minerbe and will be strategic for coverage of the southern part of triveneto. The administrator of Teknobolt, Mr. Stefano Zulin, becomes part of social structure EBI Group.
news November 21, 2012

EBI Group Srl authorized distributor FAG-INA

To establish the strong connection of partnership between EBI Group and multinational company SHAEFFLER, Antonio Colombo, Industrial Aftermarket Director handed to Alessandro Concato, EBI Group President, the certificate of AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FAG-INA products. It 's very important for all customers who purchase FAG-INA products to rely on an authorized distributor to avoid buying products with uncertain origin. An unauthorized distributor buys the product where it happens in Europe and Asia with great risks about the product's originality.
events November 21, 2012

The way to EVOLVE

November 2012

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at the prestigious headquarters EBI Group in Sommacampagna (VR), with the collaboration of SMC Spa, were introduced all the news of 2012. SMC was attended with Innovation Vehicle where the invited guests were able to learn and see first all the new products.
events October 15, 2010

Open House from Trasmecc to EBI Group

October 2010

On 15th and 16th October 2010, EBI Group Srl presents itself to its new customers along with its most important trading partners, SMC, INA-FAG, HENKEL, ISCAR, WALTER. SMC was attended with Innovation Vehicle, while Ina-Fag and Henkel have brought a selection of their most important products. To all participants, many arrived, was offered a buffet accompanied by a selection of wines from Veneto and Friuli as to enshrine this important new acquisition that brings EBI Group Srl to be one of the most important companies in triveneto.
news May 28, 2010

EBI Group at Pordenone

May 2010

We are pleased to inform you that with a notarial act of 28th May 2010, at the notary Romano Jus of Pordenone, EBI Group Srl has acquired the trading arm of the company Trasmecc Srl in Pordenone. This important acquisition is part of an expansion's project and coverage of the territory, began in 2005 with the acquisition of the two most important companies in the industrial supply of Trento: Isa Srl and Tre.Fin Srl. Trasmecc is now a subsidiary of Friuli EBI Group, this acquisition will enable EBI Group to follow the customers of Friuli Venezia Giulia and also the customers of Venice and Treviso, bringing with them all the experience and all trading partners that have made EBI Group one of the most important reality in the world of industrial supplies.