EBI Group continues its expansion project on the territory, bringing along its experience, products range, reliability and convenience.

Experience of employees able to provide advice, services and certified technical assistance, such as what Ebi Group offers for mounting and dismounting bearings, as a FIS, FAG Industrial service center.

Range with 4 product lines and 54.000 handled items that put EBI Group among the few companies able to cover, with a single supplier, the majority of requests for manufacturers and end-users.

Reliability guaranteed by the EBI Group’s suppliers, the most important and prestigious in the world, that provide technical assistance, daily advice and support to our customers.

Convenience determined by the high bargaining power of EBI Group which is thus able to offer their customers purchase terms more competitive and profitable on both the level and prestigious brands, as imports on the lines that combine the best reliability and convenience, allowing them to meet every need.


Company Profile

Headquarter in
5.000 mq
of warehouse
Thumb_vr_1 Thumb_vr_2 Thumb_vr_3
Branch of
1.600 mq
of warehouse
Thumb_tn_1 Thumb_tn_2 Thumb_tn_3
Branch of
2.400 mq
of warehouse
Thumb_pn_1 Thumb_pn_2 Thumb_pn_3
Branch of
Vicenza (Thiene)
1.150 mq
of warehouse
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